In 2011, I was the unhealthiest that I had ever been in my life and I was tired of it. I hated getting dressed in the morning, lacked confidence, frustrated with no motivation, and didn’t enjoy the quality of life I was living. I made ONE DECISION to change it and experienced a completely new lease on life, losing 75 pounds in 6 months!
I developed a greater appreciation for good health through my own experience, but even more, I realized a whole new momentum in my life. My desire for you is not just better health but to see you be a better leader in your family, experience improved production at work, and a have a greater energy and desire to serve those around you.

As someone that has battled with food addiction and weight management throughout my life, I understand that the struggle is real. However, it can be won!
I created the concept of “Live Reset” to help YOU have a fresh start to your future, take new ground, and gain the momentum needed to win in your life!
This is not just another gym. RESET is designed to help improve inside as much as we impact the outside. My goal for you is not to be the perfect physical specimen but to be a great steward of the gift you’ve been given and allow you to maximize life to the fullest.

During your 12 week commitment you will experience:

  • Renewed energy
  • Increased confidence
  • Endurance to overcome
  • Camaraderie that encourages strength